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About Acres U.S.A.

Acres U.S.A.

The Voice of Eco-Agriculture
Acres U.S.A. is North America's oldest publisher on production-scale organic and sustainable farming. For more than four decades our mission has been to help farmers, ranchers and market gardeners grow food organically, sustainably, without harmful, toxic chemicals.
Our books, magazines and events are designed to share proven methods of successful farming, ranching, business and land management.


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Founded in 1971, our books, audio lectures and videos have helped thousands of farmers build healthy soil and successful farms.


Acres U.S.A. Magazine

Learn proven tactics that deliver real economical and ecological results, delivered monthly for just $29/year for U.S. residents.



Join Acres U.S.A. and the team at Rodale Institute at the Rodale Institute farm in Kutztown, PA for a farm-changing, instructional sessions on organic, no-till farming.

The 2nd annual Healthy Soil Summit, August 25-26, 2020 will gather growers for intensive learning on strategies to create over-all farm resilience, starting from the soil up.

Gain in-depth information on the soil analysis, fertilizer and crop nutrition, and pest and weed management that will help industrial hemp growers thrive at the first annual Advancing Industrial Hemp event, October 5-6.