To our Acres U.S.A. Community: For the first time in 45 years, we will not be having an in-person Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show this year in December. The COVID-19 pandemic made it logistically and financially impossible to hold our largest annual event in Columbus, Ohio. Will it be the same? No, but we are very thankful for technology that will help us bring our large community together when the uncertainties of 2020 have made that seem impossible.

We are working hard behind the scenes to replicate the information, the passion, the personalities and the community building we see every year in person. For those who are new to Acres U.S.A., this year’s virtual conference will be an amazing chance to experience our most affordable conference in history and get a sense of the power of eco-growers around the world. For our loyal and longtime conference attendees, you will still have the opportunity to connect with your Acres U.S.A. community and learn from our all-star speaking faculty. For everyone who decides to join us this year, we promise it will be an experience we will all never forget.

Between now and December, our team is pledging to do our part to end this pandemic — wearing masks, keeping socially distant and moving our events virtual — as we can truly not fulfill our mission and remain a strong business until we have a healthier world than we have today. We know many of you are doing the same, and want to thank you! We hope to see you on the screen in December.

Our 45th Eco-Ag Conference will offer many valuable ways to learn from and engage with the Eco-Ag community!


Get access to successful large-scale farmers, leading consultants and cutting-edge scientists during the four days’ worth of presentations from some of the world’s leading authorities and practitioners of ecological agriculture. The best part? Ask them questions specific to your needs and your farm and get answers.

Acres U.S.A. Bookstore

Acres U.S.A. displays hundreds of books on eco-farming, from practical how-tos to in-depth conceptual reads, and we’ll have many of our bestselling titles
on-site for you to purchase. Some of our speakers are also authors, and those titles will be available, and maybe even signed. Start your farming library at our
conference, so the learning never stops.

Virtual Trade Show

Meet some of the top innovators in agriculture who will connect you with the tactics, supplies and information you need to take your operation to another level. Here you will find an invaluable extension of the conference, with solutions for farming at a higher level.

Field Tours

Every day of the event we will share a video field tour that showcases an innovative farm operation, up close and personally. We hope these field tours provide everyone with a nice break from our presentations and provide a tangible learning experience.

Small Group Networking

In between sessions we’ll have opportunities for you to engage with your fellow attendees in a small group setting on a variety of topics important to the eco-farming community. These break-out discussions will take place each day of the event.

Eco-Ag U

We look forward to getting together in person to host our Eco-Ag U Workshops again next year, but we are thrilled to share a new way to experience these workshops online! This year we launched our Eco-Ag U Online courses. Learning has never been so convenient. It’s like having an Acres U.S.A. Conference instructor as your personal tutor.


Check out what our attendees are saying about the Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show

“Love this conference! It’s one I greatly look forward to each year. I enjoy the new and more seasoned presenters. I usually catch one of the film screenings – this is the first year I didn’t even catch partial – too much to do. Really enjoy the cocktail mingle, meet and greet, the supply of water, the quality of the vendors, speakers. The layout and flow of the whole conference is one of the better ones and why it’s easy to come back year after year.”

“This was the best conference for ‘wealth of information’ I’ve ever attended.” 

“The vast amount of knowledge at the conference was palpable and I feel fortunate to have learned from some of the leaders in this movement. Thank you for giving Eco Ag a space in the farming world and for giving voice to the regenerative movement. I have so much to think about and apply to my farming operations. THANK YOU!!”

“The Eco-Ag University sessions are why I come and am willing to travel long distance. Very much appreciate being able to go in depth with one presenter for 1 or 2 days.”


Want to attend the Acres U.S.A. Conference for the best price ever … free?!

Acres U.S.A. will waive your registration fee for the two-and-a-half-day conference in exchange for 8 hours of volunteer work. Your volunteer name badge, which will be waiting for you at the conference, is your admission ticket to the lectures, keynote addresses, trade show, workshops and movie screenings when you are not committed to a shift.

Volunteer shifts begin Monday, November 30 and run through the evening of Friday, December 4.

Your free admission is not guaranteed until shifts are assigned.

While volunteering 8 hours covers admission to the two-and-a-half-day main conference, December 2-4, it does not include the Eco-Ag U advanced learning seminars, Dec. 1-2. If you would like to attend the Eco-Ag U advanced learning seminars, we will discount a 1- or 2-day registration by $200.00. Please call 800-355-5313 to register for the discounted Eco-Ag U seminars and mention you are a volunteer in order to receive the discount.

Detailed instructions will follow once shifts are assigned. We rely heavily on your help to make this conference a success, and we thank you in advance for your assistance. Contact Rachel Wobeter at rwobeter@acresusa.com or 970-392-5627 with questions. We look forward to seeing you in Columbus!

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