Eco-Ag U

Eco-Ag U


We look forward to getting together in person to host our Eco-Ag U Workshops again next year, but we are thrilled to share a new way to experience these workshops online! This year we launched our Eco-Ag U Online courses. Learning has never been so convenient. It’s like having an Acres U.S.A. Conference instructor as your personal tutor.

Courses offered through Eco-Ag U Online are in-depth, engaging and focused on one thing: absolute clarity. While working through a course you are tapping into the hard-earned experience of some of the top practitioners of non-toxic, sustainable, regenerative agriculture.

Take a peek at the free sample lessons found within each course. You’ll see that lessons are a mix of audio, video, text, photos, exhibits, and bonus downloads. The variety keeps it interesting. The depth of learning will change your life.

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