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The FREE Virtual Eco-Ag Trade Show is not yet live. Learn more about the trade show below and be sure to come back here Dec. 1-4 for the full virtual trade show experience!

Join us at the virtual Eco-Ag Trade Show

Some of the most valuable time spent at the Acres U.S.A. Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show occurs when growers meet suppliers at the trade show. This year our virtual trade show will again feature some of the top innovators in agriculture – each with no shortage of strategies to share with you.

This virtual trade show is open to anyone! Join us Dec. 1-4.

Learn more about the virtual Eco-Ag Trade Show experience below.

Why Should You Attend the Eco-Ag Trade Show?

The Eco-Ag Trade Show is for anyone looking to learn more about the latest strategies and tools for farming ecologically. By attending the trade show you will have the opportunity to:

  • Interact with diverse innovators working in all parts of ecological agriculture
  • Hear different presentations each day from experienced practitioners
  • Ask experts questions specific to your operation and its needs
  • Win great prizes in trade show drawings

What Will A Virtual Trade Show Be Like?

The virtual Eco-Ag Trade Show will have a main hall (webpage) that includes a live video stream with relevant event information, an agenda for the entire program and a list of all of our exhibitors. You can choose which exhibitors you want to visit by clicking on their company logos. Once you are in a virtual exhibitor’s space, you will have the opportunity to read the information they have chosen to share, download relevant materials, and text or video chat with their in-house experts.

How Will You Get Your Questions Answered?

Each afternoon there will be special hours (3:15-5:15 pm ET) set aside for Eco-Ag Innovation Hours – where our exhibitors will be available live to meet with you. There will also be special presentations during this time each day in our premium and sponsored exhibitor spaces.

You can visit the virtual trade show at any time during the event. If there is no company representative in the space when you visit, you can text chat an inquiry or question and the representatives will respond when they return.

How Will You Get to The Trade Show?

The virtual Trade Show will be live on this website beginning Dec. 1. Visit the site and click on “Trade Show.”

Who Will You Get to Meet?



Organic Gem / Great Western Sales

Pacific Gro


Logan Labs LLC

Simple Soil Solutions

Neptune's Harvest

Johnny's Selected Seeds


Tainio Biologicals, Inc.

Advancing Eco Agriculture


Advancing Biological Concepts

AEF Global Biopesticides


AZOMITE Mineral Products, Inc.


Countryside Network

Crop Services International


Dr. JimZ

Dramm Corporation

Eat From Farms

Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag

Fertilgold Organics


High Mowing Organic Seeds

International Ag Labs, Inc.

JH Biotech Inc.

Live Earth Products

Midwestern Bio-Systems


O2YS/Organisan Corp

OMRI (the Organic Materials Review Institute)

One Scythe Revolution

Osborne Quality Seeds

Pipeline Foods

Prolific Earth Sciences

Redmond Minerals Inc

Regenerative Food Systems Investment

Restoration & Agriculture Development


SureSource Commodities

The Fertrell Company

Thorvin, Inc.


Ultimate Outdoor Furnace, LLC

Ute Mountain Ranch


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